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Customized Application Development:

Customized Application Development contains high level features of few custom applications we have built over the period of time. This includes modern languages like .Net to older languages like Foxpro.

Client Name : Fortune 100 Company of India

Client Background: With 11 strategically located manufacturing units and about 170 sales offices ( all including those belonging to the Company’s own division and subsidiaries). The company also has an international presence in 3 countries. With an employee strength of about 2,500 and a countrywide distribution network of 15,000+ dealers, the client is acclaimed as a game changer in the sector with a vibrant portfolio of paints and tailor-made customer services in every paint segment. The Client has a turnover of Rs 3,600 crore annually.

Industry type: Process Industry

Client: Since 1975

Let us Know Your Requirement:

Jobs undertaken/Platform and their Details

Platform: ASP.Net and SQL

Display Scheme Evaluation: There is a contest among dealers by uploading photos to see who has decorated their store how and based on that gift is given. System admin includes Menu Master, Form Master.

MCC Marketing: Low level target of salesman dealer wise. Form Master, ATR Master upload User Form Access items can be selected using this year, last year.

Bank Reconciliation Software: A software that explains the difference between the bank balance shown in an organisation's bank statement, as supplied by the bank, and the corresponding amount shown in the organization's own accounting records at a particular point in time.

Entities Involved: Finance Department

Platform: Unix / C

  • Manual Cash to Bank Reconciliation for unmatched items
  • Auto-reconciliation of General Ledger and Bank Statement items
  • Statement-only functionality which allows automatic generation of journals in Cashbook for bank charges, interest etc
  • Bank Reconciliation can be performed on a daily, weekly, monthly or other periodic term
  • Un-presented cheques and un-presented lodgements enable un-reconciled items to be rolled-over at period end into future reconciliations
  • Search and sort functionality in reconciling data from the bank or cash sides of the reconciliation

Parent Client Name : Mir Global Consultancy

Sub Client Background: Safe Clean is a part of the Valspar Corporation of United States, which has USD 2.25 billion turnover and 8,000 staff worldwide.

Safe Clean is in the business of cleaning at different levels and has about 120 franchisees all over UK. The equipment and techniques that Safe Clean use today gives access to 71 different services, enabling them to match their customer needs. Each franchisee is allotted its own territory, and has its own customer details. Apart from these the Safe Clean Head Office also provides each franchisee some prospective customers residing within the territory, who might become their customer in the near future. The software keeps track of all the existing customer’s details along with the services asked and marketing history.

Industry Type: Marketing and Software Development

Client Relationship: Since 2000

Jobs undertaken/Platform and their Details

a. Management Information System (Software Development)

Platform: Windows/VB6.0/MS Access, MS Excel

  • Designed to customize the Management Information System of Safe clean.
  • Comprehensive Letter Management Facility is available to create and edit letter templates.
  • Mail merge letter templates for the selected customers and print the same.
  • Tracking marketing history of the customer is taken care by this Letter Management utility.
  • Various reports are generated for Sales Analysis and monitoring.

b. Pharmacist Database Creation(Data Creation)

Platform: MS-DOS /FoxPro

  • Job was to enter data from Pharmacist Directory (hard copy) of UK.
  • Database was created with utmost 100% accuracy level within the scheduled time.

c. CV-Online Entry(Data Creation)

Sub Client Background: Consulting Base is a reputed consultancy firm of UK, which provides facility to submit resumes online to the candidates. The resumes submitted can be viewed by different organizations engaged in all sorts of businesses to find the right candidate for them.

Platform: Windows/VB6.0/Access/XML

  • A candidate has options to either enter his information online or submit his CV in .doc format.
  • Put xml tags on document as per Consulting Base’s requirement then.
  • Online entry as per the required format.

Client Name and Details : National Insurance Company Ltd

Client Background: National Insurance Company (NIC) was incorporated on 6th December 1906 at the height of the country’s nationalist Swadeshi movement as an expression of the Indian aspiration to establish a strong indigenous Company even in the midst of foreign rule. Today, 107 years after its incorporation, NIC stands tall as the oldest insurance company in India and the only PSU non life insurance Company headquartered in the Eastern part of the country.

NIC has Strength of more than 15,000 skilled Human assets and 1340 offices including 373 Business Centres pan India.

Industry type: Nationalized Insurance Company.

Client Relationship: Since 2004

Jobs undertaken/Platform and their Details

a. Onsite Technical Assistance(Software Development)

Platform: Oracle 8i/Developer 2000

The IT department of NIC was in the process of migration from COBOL to Oracle 8i (as RDBMS) and Developer 2000.

  • GUI migration for all the application software running at National Insurance Head Office.
  • Migration of Payroll Module.
  • System study, SRS preparation, designing forms, Writing Process and necessary reports.
  • Responsible for testing of Forms, Process & Reports developed jointly by MCC & NIC.