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Current Challenges with Data

In the era of consumer led growth, data is growing exponentially. With the advent of computers and databases, data is easily stored, however data growth has led to more manual data entry and rising costs. More manual entry leads to more errors which results in customer dissatisfaction.

Management and Computer Consultants (MCC) is a leading IT Company operating from Kolkata, since 1975. Data processing has been one of the core activities of our operations since inception.

The last three decades, there has seen significant changes in technology, ICR being one of them.

The Solution

  • FormsCap 3.2, developed by MCC uses OCR, ICR technology for data entry elimination.
  • Captures information, stores as an image format and uses ICR technology to extract data.
  • Form scanning, data digitization, verifying scanned images, signature and photo images can be segregated, and can be stored in the database in one–step operation.
  • Leads to significant reduction in manpower and errors caused by manual data entry.
  • Valuable inputs from Banking and industry experts were considered in designing product.
  • Developed based on 5 years of extensive research and real life production experience.

Client Testimonial

"MCC FormsCap is being used for work relating to Examination processing for different types of forms using ICR/OMR technology for approximately 8 lacs students."

~ Deputy Secretary ( Examinations ) a leading Higher Secondary Council

"We are very happy and satisfied with FormsCap"

~ Controller of examination of a leading University

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